First Time Industry Attendee: FAQ

Newer industry members to the ISSRE community, often have several questions about the conference.  Here are a few that come up often:

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

QUESTION: I was told industry conferences are better for us than IEEE/ACM - Why should I consider ISSRE?

ANSWER: This boils down to the core of what ISSRE has achieved in the past decade - best articulated in some of the attendee video's. But, let me capture a few points:

  1. This is not for entry level developer or tester. For them the industry conferences are better.
  2. When a more senior engineer needs to reach deeper, either into the code, methods or tools - what ISSRE offers is unrivaled.
  3. We have diversified our topics so we cover not only architecture, testing and analysis methods, but also tools, best practices, and industry case studies.
  4. The Tutorials bridge a gap that the papers do not reach. Here, one can get training from world renowed people who are established in the area.
  5. Expect to get at least two, if not five ideas you can implement in your organization.

QUESTION:  What is the profile of the typical Industry person who attends ISSRE?

ANSWER: A Senior Technical person. That said, we typically get people from Design & Development, Test & QA, and Process Management.

QUESTION:  What is the takeaway that one can expect from attending ISSRE?

ANSWER: The richness of the program creates a lot of opportunities for takeaways. I have heard from several first time attendees that they have found at least 3 - 5 items that they want to go home and try in the products or organizations. A year later, I had the opportunity to meet the same individual, who showed me a presentation of what they implemented from ideas picked up at ISSRE

QUESTION:  How large or small is this conference?

ANSWER:  ISSRE attendance in the past decade has around 200 participants.  It's small enough that you will get to meet and know a good cross section of the conference. And large enough that there is a broad spread of topics and discussions.

QUESTION: Is this an academic conference or an industry conference?

ANSWER:  Both. We have top tier researchers and top tier practicing engineers. This is rare among IEEE or ACM conferences.  As a consequence, the research reported here is much closer to delivering near term value, than others.   This is not a community where researchers can live in the stratosphere disconnected from the code in the repository. And, for the researchers, it increases their opportunity for industry impact.

QUESTION: We are supported for Training - does this qualify?

ANSWER:  Absolutely.  It is also probably the best training available in this field. And given the non-profit nature of the conferene, the prices are very low. Training comes in three flavors: (1) There are Tutorials - typically a half day in length that gives you a complete holstic appreication of the area. (2) There are workshops where there is more discussion than in the typical paper tracks.  You get to meet other people in the area and there is an excellent opportunity for dialog. (3) There are technical papers in the Industry tracks and the Research tracks.  ISSRE is probably the best training opportunity for the senior technical folk in your company.



Ram Chillarege
Steering Committee Vice Chair - Industry Focus

If you have a question - ask me at: info AT chillarege DOT com